Have you ever had a last minute work or family situation come up before a trip? Travel Buddies highly recommends the purchase of travel insurance for emergency and now cancel for ANY REASON insurance!

As experienced travelers and trusted agents, we always recommend our clients purchase (or at least review) travel insurance to protect certain aspects of your vacation and unexpected events that may occur.

Reasons to Purchase Travel Insurance

You can't afford to travel without it!
There are hundreds of circumstances that could cause you to cancel your trip, or return home early. To demonstrate the importance of purchasing travel insurance, here are some common examples of what could go wrong:

  1. You could lose money you've invested for your trip, such as nonrefundable deposits, if bad weather conditions cause delay or cancellation of your trip.

  2. You may have to cut your trip short and return home for an emergency such as an unexpected illness or death in the family forcing you to lose the remaining pre-paid portion of your trip and pay a ticket change fee for your return travel arrangements.

  3. Your luggage could be lost, delayed or stolen, forcing you to purchase additional clothes, essentials or even prescription medications.

  4. The airline, cruise line or tour operator with which you're scheduled to travel suddenly goes on strike leaving you with no option but to cancel your trip…with no recourse for reimbursement.

  5. You could run into major travel delays forcing you to miss a portion of your trip or cruise and be forced to pay additional lodging expenses while you wait.

  6. You could be forced to evacuate your resort due to a predicted hurricane or other weather conditions, cutting your trip short... with no recourse for reimbursement for the remaining portion of your vacation.

  7. You could lose your important travel documents stranding you while traveling abroad.